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There are a few games that I haven't played for quite a while, and I've never completed any of them. Anybody have suggestions of where to start?
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date: 12/OCT/04
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 24/JUN/02
Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine (GC)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 27/AUG/02

BioShock (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 21/AUG/07
Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/FEB/09

Madworld (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 10/MAR/09
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Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is pretty awesome. I've heard Madworld is one of the best Wii games to come out this year.
Madworld is awesome, don't know why I haven't played through it yet....

Eternal Darkness is great too...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to think about it, though to be honest I was leaning toward Bioshock from the beginning.
I've only played Bioshock out of your list and really liked that one. Unfortunately, that doesn't help much with where to start since I can't speak to the others. Though I know the first Paper Mario was tons of fun, heh.
I'd say the worst on the list would be Super Mario Sunshine, not that it's a bad game, but that the other games are better imo.

Never thought I'd say that about a Mario game...

Speaking of, I pretty much got Mario Galaxy when it came out, and I still haven't played it.
Must be something wrong with me.
@colliny2k Well, thanks for the input even if you haven't tried all of them.
@EarthboundX Yeah, Sunshine was actually at the bottom of the list. I just put it there because I feel like I should play it. And give Galaxy a chance if you have the time. It's pretty awesome.
I know, Galaxy kicks ass, I played it for a few mins once.

I just have too many games...
Same here man.
Bioshock is a kick ass game as well.
@EarthboundX Hah, I think most of us know that feeling. I think this last year or so has been one of the busiest and most filled gaming years in a long while.
The Paper Mario series is brilliant. Tons of Nintendo in-jokes, great battle system, wonderful script, and inspired use of the concept of everything being literally thin as paper.

If you like that game, you should also play Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and the forthcoming Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
@mykalgaidin Yeah, I love the Mario and Luigi games
@mykalgaidin Oh yeah, I need to finish the first Mario & Luigi. I got to the final boss and just kind of stopped playing...
Eternal Darkness! I played it through three times. Excellent game, plus it's pretty fast.

Also, I love the idea behind this post--I was thinking of doing something similar. Also one for games I've bought but haven't yet started playing (that list is frighteningly long...).
@onemorehour Yeah, make one! I'll put in my 2 cents, and I'm sure others will as well. Plus, the information you get from others makes it a lot easier to decide on which game to play.

Also, I'm a little surprised at how many people are suggesting Eternal Darkness. I'm definitely leaning toward finishing that one now.
The ending really suggests a sequel, but I haven't heard of one.
I'm going to have to lean away from most of the people replying. I thought Bioshock was *very* over-hyped and over-rated. And I do like FPS's, especially experimental ones, so it's not like I'm biased against it.

Out of that list, *I'd* personally recommend:
Paper Mario
Deadly Creatures
Super Mario Sunshine

Paper Mario is an incredibly RPG, really out there in it's own league (except, of course, the other Paper Mario games). It's extremely unique, challenging, and definitely customizable for your own tastes with the badge system. If you've played the first Paper Mario (64), you can rest assured that this one both stays true to the title, while bringing you several fresh and fun ideas. Expect to log close to or over thirty hours of play.

Deadly Creatures is an extremely original idea. Even though it's a completely different genre, I like to think of Little Big Planet when thinking of this game. They did something that so many people would never have even thought to do. A lot of people these days have illusions of grandeur, but here we have these genius revolutionaries making the games SMALLER! If I can promise you anything, it's that these little guys are going to pack a lot of action punch!

Super Mario Sunshine is a little under-estimated in my honest opinion. For me, it really strikes a chord with it's fun and friendly platform-slash-adventure style gameplay reminiscent so very much of the legendary Super Mario 64. A lot of people took this game at face value: Do what you have to, that's it, and beat the game. If you do that, then of course the game's no fun. I promise you that if you challenge yourself to absolutely dominate this game, you're going to log several hours of coin-collecting, water-spraying, star-seeking fun!
And by star-seeking fun, I mean sun-seeking fun. Lol sorry.
I just started Deadly Creatures, it's awesome!
You WILL finish Bioshock!
@Mishy Well, if you put it that way... I guess I don't have a choice.
Meh... I just look at games I need to finish, and let the games tell me, which one I should play--it is hard to put more of an explanation into than that when I do it.

I mean if I were to try to force myself to go through all the games I enjoy, just for the purpose of playing them until finish--well, they generally stop being fun at that point ~.^
I recommend going to the site http://www.backloggery.com
It is a site where you can list every game you own/played/borrowed/rented/ and list the status of each game and makes notes about each game if you choose. I like the site, because it gives you something to look at and makes it easier to finish your backlog of games at your leisure (just make sure you play for fun, and not simply for the sake of finishing them.)

An example list would be mine :

Another useful feature (but not necessary) is that you can have the site randomly choose one of your unfinished games for you to try to finish/play next.
heh Wild its a good game mainly because of the storyline thats about it, its got nothing really revoloutonary in it
@Vegeta heh... I should prolly sign up for backloggery.com--the issue I had before with it, were that it had a really faulty email regex. As my perfectly valid email failed it. I mean my email is pretty vanilla and doesn't even use some of the _really_ advanced features of the email address standard

(it should be noted that the only regex that has been found to possibly come close enough to matching all valid emails out there is 1024 characters long--and even _that_ matches a fair amount of them)

It saw that my email ended in .info, and immediately failed my email as fake.

I dunno, I may end up setting up an email on nimhlabs.com or kidradd.org, and forever remove most of the ties with my old nick. Maybe this is what I need to kick me in the right direction?
and even _that_ misses a fair amount of them*

Typo... and I do not feeling like deleting my message and posting it again for a single word >.>
I also suggest Bioshock, mostly because it has a sequel coming out in the near future... wouldn't want to be behind on your story?
@Vegeta I know a few people who use Backloggery, though for some reason I have never considered trying it myself.
@SnowWolf75 Good point, I hadn't thought about that. Though I do know a lot of the main plot points because my brother played through it.
Bioshock II won't be out till next Oct. So you have a while to play it.
@EarthboundX It's that long of a wait? That sucks.
Yeah, it was delayed a whole year, wow.
Last update I saw had Bioshock 2 delayed to this spring, actually. I would also recommend finishing Bioshock (also it's the only one on that list I've played) - but if you get on a gamecube tear, it might be easier to go through those in a row - then your muscle memory doesn't get confused switching controllers all the time.
Spring? That's not too bad, the reason I said Oct of 2010, is because that's what Gameinformer said, though maybe they got that wrong.
I have an incredibly bad habit of leaving off in the middle (or where ever else) of games. I have a very extensive list of them I still need to finish. But this is what I try to do:

If it's something that isn't too story intensive, I'll push it towards the back of the list. Reason being, I really hate jumping back into something like Suikoden Tierkreis (on my list), and being fairly lost on the story, and/or where to go next. If it gets bad enough, I start over, and that's never a good thing. Something like Mario Sunshine is fairly straightforward, and not much of an issue jumping back into the middle of it later on.
@PuyoDead Good points... You have definitely influenced my decision.
I have played 3 of the games (both mario ones and bioshock). Each of them is a different genre so pick whichever you like best.

Bioshock: Story is great if it hasn't already been spoiled for you. Gameplay is good as well. Overall this would be the one I would suggest.

Mario Sunshine is a platformer while paper mario is more rpgish. Its been a while since I played them but Mario Sunshine was alot of fun in my opinion (it is very similar to Mario 64).
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Since I just realized that my brother has passed me in terms of gamerscore, I will probably complete Bioshock first. Then it's on to Eternal Darkness or Paper Mario, unless something shiny and new distracts me first.
(Throws a shiny and new rock)
Hey, i saw you liked Eternal Darkness, and figured if you like dark or scary games, try the Penumbra series! its a great game and a great scare.
Yeah, the Penumbra games are awesome.
The only problem with Penumbra is that my laptop sucks for games. Even older games tend to play pretty badly on it...
Penumbras not that bad graphics wise...you can always dumb it down...its still a great game.
I'm in the same boat as you. I recently traded in everything I have finished so I can concentrate on those that I need to finish!
bioshock until the sequel comming out, it,s a good and crazy game
I think I've missed something as I don't see a list of unfinished games, but from the ones mentioned above, I'd have to back up the people who suggest Eternal Darkness... Amazingly (it's one of my favourite games) I've still not completed it myself, though I got damned close before being distracted...

Bioshock, for all the hype it received always just seemed kinda 'meh' to me... It wasn't a bad game, but it didn't grab my attention like so many others do...

And as for the Mario games, I'm afraid I've never been a fan... from the ancient NES games, right up to the current Wii games... I've got a couple, but I think the only one I ever played to completion was the original Gameboy one - and I completed it first attempt, so it doesn't really feel like it counts...

I'd definitely recommend Eternal Darkness though, apart from the distinct lack of any GS - maybe we could petition the producers to convert it for the 360 and include achievements :)
I think I've just realised how blind I am - the list was to the right of the topic at the top of the page...

Ok... So..

Eternal Darkness -> Bioshock

Not played Madworld, but heard great reports from some friends with similar tastes... and same with Deadly Creatures, so they'd probably be next on my list...

And finally the Mario games, although I wouldn't really want to play 'em myself...

Times like this, you remember that choice isn't necessarily a good thing!
@killianfraggle Yeah, sometimes choices are a pain in the ass. If I only had one incomplete game it would be easy.
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