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Retro Games.

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Well, I posted this in the forums. Maybe we can give them some life again.
Kirby's Block Ball

Kirby's Block Ball (GB)

Genre/Style: Action/Ball and Paddle
Release Date:
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The forums, or the retro games?
^ I concur! xD
@LordXenophon Both.
^ I agree ^
I can't argue with either.
Does a 2010 edition of Pac Man count as retro?
Yes. That sounds like a retro pack.
Or an iPhone port, which is still retro.
Does Everquest count as "retro" yet?
@LordXenophon Sure.
I'm new here, so I can't be sure wat you think of as "retro," but IMHO, if you can refer to it by its initials and people know what game you're talking about, it's not retro yet.
@Officer Speedy (Welcome to GamerDNA!) But I would have to disagree on the initial theory Remember GORF? {cicra 1983} one of the best retro games ever IMO "*Bad news for you Space Cadet*" actually stood for "Galactic Orbiting Robot Force".
I never knew that. As far as I know, it was sold as Gorf, so it doesn't count.
When I mention SWKOR, people think I mean SWTOR, so SWKOR must be retro now.
Star Wars itself used to be "retro," then Lucas went and remade it.
Star Wars was never retro until Lucas made New Star Wars.
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